Bees and other pollinators
    are vital to many crops like COFFEE, ALMONDS and COCOA to name a few. 10% of every purchase goes to causes helping to protect the pollinators.

You shop, we donate

Hello there,
We're so glad you're here
Please take the time
To read our little rhyme
It was written just for you,
To tell you about what it is that we do
Simply put, you buy a tee, you help a bee
Because we give 10% of sales to charity
They do cool stuff, those charity folks
Helping the pollinators is no joke
We should all thank the pollinators
Think of them as nature's little creators
Coffee, almonds and chocolate too
When it comes to what we eat, there's not much they don't do
We hope reading this brings a smile
Scroll, browse, stay a while
From baby onesies to shoes and hoodies
Find yourself one or two goodies
Bracelets, rings and shiny things,
Give a gift that gives back
And feel the joy that it brings